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Current transition level
Status Cycle Eff. date
Expired 1504 02 APR
Current 1505 30 APR
Scheduled 1506 28 MAY
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 Polish VACC
Polish VACC (Virtual Area Control Center) is an organization of virtual air traffic controllers. Our goal is to provide a real air traffic control to pilots using computer flight simulators. We do our best to make our virtual ATC world as real as the real world, so we use real world procedures, rules and publications. Polish VACC is proud to be a member of VATSIM-EUR region of VATSIM - world wide virtual air traffic network.

Just enjoy and see you over virtual Poland!

Polish VACC Staff

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TOP 5 Controllers
1. Marcin Lubczyński 106h
2. Karol Dziedzic 69h
3. Miłosz Szenyk 53h
4. Michał Kot 50h
5. Paweł Pachocki 36h
[April & May 2015]

Top controllers - February

Marcin Lubczyński
Karol Dziedzic
Michał Kot

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